Artist’s Statement

Few would challenge the sentiment that there’s nothing more beautiful than the human form, but it is often confused with sexuality, tainted by cultural unease and, ironically, misrepresented as unnatural.

So I have clothed my nudes in body paint and positioned them to construct ambiguous landscapes which we find more benign and innocuous. I consider my images most successful when their apparent reality is countered with layers of ambiguity and mystery. In this way I am exploring the connections between the material strangeness of reality versus the virtual, of mystery and delusion, transmutation and surrealism.

In this reconnaissance of the ideal I am challenging the arty orthodoxy’s shunning of the allure of beauty. Ultimately the mission of art is to enable us to see anew. So, please, behold the beautiful!

About the Artist

Mark Hillsdon is a multi-discipline visual artist, designer, writer, and creative director, now based in Brisbane, Australia. For many years he ran a respected commercial design studio, acquiring deep experience in graphic design, photography and art direction.

As an artist he has been headlined in over ten significant exhibitions across Australia over a period of 20 years. As a designer and writer his commercial clients have included banks, major corporations and government. During the nineties he freelanced extensively, working for many of Australia’s iconic advertising agencies.

Thank you

I’m grateful to the generous contribution and support I have received from my artistic collaborators:

  • Elizabeth Old
  • Candice Green
  • Jessica Dick
  • Caitlin Dabron
  • Lucy Hood


Mark can be contacted at markhillsdon@gmail.com.